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Fr. Joe Bibby is currently in Oruro assessing our progress and listening to the thoughts and ideas of the people and communities we are trying to help. Updates will follow on his return in a few weeks.


The generosity of so many of our supporters is simply overwhelming at times. Your kindness over Christmas and the New Year led to over £2000 being donated to support our work. Thank you!


Project Paria aims to help people living in the rural communities of the Bolivian Altiplano. We do this by providing small grants to individuals and groups, with the overriding principle that whatever we do, it is with the aim of helping people to help themselves. Whether it is short term medical aid or long term assistance with education, everyone connected with the Project recognises that only through this model can the people of Paria truly thrive.

Community Development
There are more than 30 village communities, large and small, within the Parish of Paria.
Medical Outreach
Outreach clinics in the small rural villages around Paria.
From supporting the village primary schools to giving small grants for higher education.
Skills Enhancement
Supporting a women's cooperative.