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A message from Dr Jonathan Fitzsimon, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

“We receive help and assistance in many different forms. Some people give their professional knowledge and time. Some run marathons on our behalf. Others send us messages of encouragement to continue with our work. I cannot emphasise enough, just how important it is for us to receive this support and how it enables us to continue our work day in day out.

Clearly, in order to continue our work we need to raise funds. If you feel able to support us financially then I guarantee that we will use every penny of your donation wisely, keep our running costs to an absolute minimum and put your money to fantastic use, helping some of the poorest, most vulnerable people in Bolivia.

Thank you to everyone who supports Project Paria in whatever form that may be.”

Monthly Standing Orders

These allow us to carefully plan in advance how we can expand our commitments. We will never take on a project unless we are sure that we have sufficient funds to see it through to completion and so if you are able to set up a standing order then we would greatly appreciate you choosing this method to make your donation.

If you would like to make a standing order donation, please contact us at or call 01925 726370.

Single Donations

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What your donations can do

  • £5 covers the cost of a complete diabetic consultation with our team of nurses and one of the doctors.
  • £30 covers the weekly cost for Nurse Cristina Dorado to attend to vulnerable seniors in rural communities.
  • £50 covers the weekly living costs of a student from a rural village to live in the city and study at University.
  • £150 covers the monthly wage of a nurse at the diabetes centre. The centre opens each afternoon, Monday to Friday. We have over 1000 registered patients and many more drop in on an ad hoc basis to receive advice and information from our nurses.
  • £300 covers the cost of educational mentors for our students for a whole year.

Some one off grants that we have made

  • £150 to provide arts and crafts sessions for the residents of the old people’s home.
  • £300 to buy educational materials (books, pens and notebooks) as well as plastic cups and plates for the students of the small school in the village of Conchiri.
  • £500 to support a youth “junta” – a junta is a traditional gathering of people from villages throughout the altiplano. The youth junta enabled teenagers to attend leadership workshops and share their ideas for community development with other young people.
  • £1000 grant to a women’s refuge in the city of La Paz. They provide a place of safety and shelter for girls and young women who have been victims of sexual slavery. We are hoping to be in a position to provide ongoing financial support to this vital project.

To make a secure, online donation please click here.