There are more than 30 village communities, large and small, within the Parish of Paria.

The Community Centre in Paria opened in 2006. It was the culmination of a tremendous effort by many villagers. The following year it benefitted from some of the very first fundraising efforts of Project Paria, before we even became an official, registered charity. The centre was designed and built by the villages themselves. This in itself provided a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn construction skills that they can use to help them get jobs in the future.

The villagers have a tremendous sense of ownership of the centre, as they were intricately involved in the project from start to finish. It now houses youth groups, adult education sessions, village gatherings and offers many other opportunities for village groups to gather in a warm, safe environment.

Project Paria has helped to support the upkeep costs of this fabulous resource and has made further grants for the addition of items such as a slide projector and screen.

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